Ecommerce development and creation

Selling online, i.e. investing in the creation of an ecommerce is increasingly becoming one of the main strategies of 2.0 This is intended to achieve higher margins and support the traditional supply chain

How can we fully take advantage from the host of opportunities of the web? Attraverso una strategia di marketing ben definita ed un sito ecommerce strutturato ad hoc.

In this way, you can quickly engage new customers and expand across international markets. So, thanks to the creation of an ecommerce, you finally have the chance to increase your turnover by introducing your company to worldwide markets: why don’t you take the opportunity?

  • Establish an exclusive relationship between the customer and the brand, under the management of the company itself.
  • Thanks to ecommerce, it is possible to build customer loyalty worldwide.
  • Reach new markets or promote undistributed product lines, resulting in increased turnover.
  • It allows market price control, aligning the positioning on different channels and marketplaces, such as Amazon.
  • It does not supplant traditional distribution, but rather, from an omnichannel perspective, it enables brand reinforcement and increased sales with store locators.
  • There is an ongoing trend towards a reorganization of the distribution network, with the market share held by small physical shops being reduced in favour of online shops. 30% of purchases are already made online, and the trend is still growing.
  • E-commerce guarantees full product availability and the disposal of unsold items.

4 Steps to help you build your online business:

1) Goals and Strategy

We cooperate to define the business needs and problems that need to be addressed. We analyze with you the most effective strategy to achieve the desired results, aiming for the highest return on investment.

2) Functional design

We offer an Art Direction service that guarantees effective purchasing paths in a graphic context that is consistent with the corporate image: this is possible thanks to the combination of the principles of User Experience with the latest stylistic trends.

3) Technical Development

We build e-commerce using advanced platforms that are able to coordinate management and marketing functions. We can also integrate different management systems, optimizing sales, price list information, product availability, order tracking, etc

4) Launch and promotion

Through targeted marketing strategies and careful SEO optimization, we help you increase the visibility of your online shop. Our experts will help you boost your online sales by promoting you on the main digital channels: Google, social media, marketplaces and others

  • Item availability
  • It is necessary to have an adequate stock of products ready for sale, in order to satisfy potential buyers.
  • Photos and copy.
  • Each product must be properly represented with professional photos and described in detail with features and explanatory texts.
  • Management of business systems.
  • In order to digitize the company and organize the processes, you have many solutions that enable the integrated management of the various business areas (sales, purchasing, warehouse management, accounting, etc.). The use of specific software facilitates management and optimizes information flows.

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