PR Agency

A Public Relations Agency organises and optimises consumer relations with regard to various social, product and distribution contexts.

One of the main activities of a PR Agency is Press Relations, which we now call Media Relations. Newspaper editorials are important buying tips, which readers follow and appreciate very much. Thanks to a constant relationship with journalists from online and print media, we can be editorially present in the various newspapers and magazines, publishing products and news about the company and its physical and digital sales locations.

Listening to the needs of the consumer plays a central role for a PR agency, as does the creation of an original narrative, an attractive narrative, which allows the brand and its products and venues to stand out clearly, showing what, where and how they can be found.

In fact, a Public Relations Agency deals with Content Marketing, i.e., it interprets a company’s Values in the best possible way, creatively managing all the content needed for corporate communication, adapting words to the different media.

Words are powerful tools, and while it is true that everyone can write, it is not true that everyone knows how to do it in the right way. The texts of e-mails, those of catalogues, of newsletters, must be diversified, since they use different times and media. If used in the best possible way, they can result in an articulate and effective narrative that makes all the difference.

“We are getting more and more involved in the media and less and less involved in the art of communication.”

Studs Terkel

Organizing events, meetings, small groups, product presentations, press conferences, Press Tours, are still other typical activities of a Public Relations Agency.

Who takes care of all the logistical and practical aspects of the event itself, from the choice of the place to the management of the material to be delivered.

A Public Relations Agency manages the Calendar of advertising investments and the budget, which includes negotiations with publishing houses, drafting of the ADV calendar and sending materials for publication.

It also organizes meetings with organizations, institutions, communities, consortia, presentations and events for projects in the territories to link the institutions to the companies present in the area.

Finally, a Public Relations Agency is the entity capable of identifying influencers and talents for each product sector, in order to optimize the overall quality of the Brand and spread its excellence to the maximum.


Press office online and offline

Press day

Press Tour

Press conferences

Company meetings



Interpretation of corporate values

Content management

Storytelling creation

Text writing

Adaptation of texts to various media



Advertising planning

Vehicle purchase


Meetings with Bodies, Institutions, Communities, Consortia

Organization of presentations and events on the territory

Presentations of projects in the territories to link institutions to businesses

present in the area


Identification of influencers by product sector

Creation of ad hoc mailing lists

Personalized one-to-one contacts

Meetings with the sales force


Identification of current trends in the reference sectors


Monitoring on the reference news of the sector concerned)

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