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How do you do the right positioning on search engines?

This question is very common among our clients.

In marketing strategies, it is necessary to understand well the difference between two terms that apply to all major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and are very often misused as synonyms.

The terms we are referring to are essentially two:

  • Indexing
  • SEO Positioning

Two different yet related terms.

You can follow any keyword and phrase you like, but at the end of the day it’s all about conversions.
Matt Webb

Indexing and Positioning on Search Engines

Indexing a site on Google is a process that happens automatically and simply amounts to a scan that Google does of our site once it has been put online: this is useful if the site is adequately designed to show up in any search results.

So, unless there are particular errors, your site has already been indexed by Google.

What you can try to do is improving its ranking.

Similarly, SEO positioning also occurs automatically and is the process by which Google’s algorithms sort the SERPs (search results) following a certain query by a user.

In this way, Google draws up a ranking based on various ranking factors, whereby what it considers to be the best and most relevant pages for that specific search are rewarded and shown higher-up in the ranking.

Google, in fact, considers the site as a whole, although it is the individual pages that make up a site that are shown in the search results. Each page is then specifically assessed and has its own ranking for different keywords.

Positioning on Google search engines: For this there are multiple sources of traffic acquisition and numbers still confirm that most visitors arrive via search engines.

Optimising our site for Google Search Engine Positioning lies at the heart of any online marketing strategy and is necessary to get a site properly indexed and positioned in Google.

Making it appear as high as possible in the search results shown to users becomes a milestone for our agency. In SEO campaigns, it is necessary to build a solid foundation in order to achieve stable and long-lasting results.

Google Adwords Campaigns

If you want to improve the Google search engine positioning of your site, you must first check that certain preliminary parameters are met, which we will explain at our meeting.

One of the key aspects are Google ADV campaigns and PPC (Pay per click), the latter being part of the marketing strategies when analysing a campaign in Google Adwords.

Google AdWords is a tool that allows the promotion of one’s own website through non-organic positioning. What is meant by non-organic?

Here above, we listed that in building a site there must be a necessary dynamic SEO component consisting of positioning and indexing. In addition to this, it is possible to boost one’s site’s search through the google adv platform with spaces cut out by Google in the first search result pages (the SERP).

These advertising spaces are recognisable by their ‘Ad’ underneath the advertisement itself and appear in the normal search results immediately after it has been made.

In other words, a website that take advantage of Google AdWords will be placed in the section above the organic results, or in the column on the right: it will suffice, for instance, to search on Google for a keyword such as ‘Agenzia Comunicazione Firenze’ to realise this. In the end, Google AdWords is merely a platform that produces advertisements and places them in spaces.

To remain competitive in a very crowded market, Google AdWords has a key role in marketing campaigns. Positioning on Google search engines passes mainly through this service activity, and becomes extremely necessary for e-commerce and sites, where searches for technical and/or sector-specific words would not be able to bring much traffic to the site.

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