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Social Network Management

What does Social Network Management mean?

With this word we could say everything and nothing. Communication in recent years has shifted from what used to be the ‘old’ media (newspapers and TV) to the new media 2.0, social networks.

The presence of a company on these media has become essential today, considering that the time spent using these apps or sites on a PC is on average 6/10 hours per user. Every type of business finds its communication space in social media portals through social media marketing, and it is important to understand which social media may be right for us. In addition to the daily production of content, the immediate response through interaction with users, who are always connected and always demanding in their requests, becomes fundamental.

Each type of social also has its own dynamic advertising tool in addition to the organic one with the use of keywords, which in this case become hashtags (#). There are different types of sponsorships to get out of the masses and thus be able to stand out.

Using these paid advertising systems in the world of social media marketing allows us to stand out from the crowd and stand out in searches and especially in visibility for our target audience.

Why did we use the word ‘target‘? Simply because referring to our end user is one of the common mistakes encountered by those entering the social world and they tend to overlook it.

By defining our potential customer through targeting we can target our advertising and consequently become attractive.

If you do not identify your target audience, you risk spreading your resources and energy to an audience that is simply not interested. The world of the social media market is now within everyone’s reach, but emerging in this world is not something that can be done without professionals, which is why social network management is so important.

“The key concept is no longer ‘presence’ on the network, but ‘connection’: if you are present but not connected, you are alone.”

Antonio Spadaro

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