Art Director – Fashion Styling

The art director and fashion styling service customised to your needs.

The role of the art director and fashion stylist are indispensable today for the development of an efficient advertising campaign. These fashion professionals will succeed with professionalism, creativity and organisation in choosing the right look and set proposals for your needs and current trends.

With our art director and fashion styling service, you can develop independent, tailor-made creative projects.

Art director and fashion stylist :

They will develop a research path based on the history and philosophy of your brand, in order to get to know your style and target group needs better.
They will then create a storytelling that revolves around a story or theme, so as to develop the right idea and turn it into an eye-catching image that dares and provokes, but without overdoing it, so that the advertising campaign will stick in the minds of your customers.
They will select the right looks, the perfect location and the professional team (photographer, video maker, make-up artist and hair stylist) for your advertising campaign.
They will follow the project during the shooting to take care of the details and leave nothing to chance.

The shoots that will be realised with the assistance of the art director and the fashion stylist will be unique and one-off as unique will be the product realised.

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