Professional Videos

By ‘professional videos’ we mean all those informative videos or video stories that now represent the majority of web-based communication systems.

The success of this communication method is due to its comprehensiveness and its ability to break down mistrust. Through video, we can overcome barriers that a simple paper advertisement cannot break down, as image and sound create an environment that appears alive and tangible and that can more easily convey emotions (anger or tranquillity, sadness or happiness). Videos are also a great way to fulfil the search for information, which, if done well, become indispensable tutorials.

Image, sound and written communication communicated simultaneously manage to synthesise messages and make them emotional: this is the best way to pass an emotional and purposeful message or a memory that will become indelible and can be relived as many times as we wish. In professional videos, the art manifests itself in being able to convey the message that is being proposed and to do so in a way that will be remembered.

A good professional, with appropriate equipment, is able to make the message simple, empathetic and therefore easy to remember. Quality is important, as it attracts even the least video savvy. Beauty always attracts and we can recognise it even without dedicated preparation.

The quality of a professional video is determined by several factors:

  1. The story we want to tell must have an interesting message and be very clear before tackling the project (Concept)
  2. The quality of the image and sound, which depends on both the equipment provided and the ability of the operator.
  3. Directing the film and its realisation, which requires specific preparation in both the recording and video editing phases.
  4. The format of the video which must make it easy to read via the various IT tools and its traceability via the various search engines and social systems

So to all those who want to give a proportional message, create a tutorial, tell a story or remember an event, video responds quickly and easily; a professional video makes it nice to remember and watch again.

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