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Are you looking for a new graphic design studio to trust?

Are you looking for a new graphic design studio to trust? Very often we hear from our customers, especially the new ones, all kinds of complaints about their past corporate image, whether this is directly related to the Brand identity and thus also to the logo itself, or inherent to the company’s offline or online communication via social networks.. Usually this happens due to three reasons or the concomitance of some of them:

  1. 1. Great ideas but little budget available to dedicate to the project with the typical phrase ‘I would like to do it, but it costs too much I will do it with my cousin for now’. This situation is the most detrimental because by not attributing the right value to our product, we do not value our own business properly; so how can others? A graphic design of any nature does not just consist of some graphic form combined with a typeface, perhaps with some photos. This is called ‘muddle through’ with a few elements together. A graphic project is made up of study, design, experience, knowledge of history and the choice of the best elements for that type of corporate vision.

  2. 2. Closely linked to the first point is the lack of attention to the quality of the basic graphic project, whatever it may be, due to the choice of NON-professionals in the sector: they improvise and create logos, layouts, etc. without knowing what they are talking about and, above all, not in line with the client’s business reality and therefore not producing a real market value that allows them to enhance the brand or produce a return on investment.

  3. 3. The freelance graphic designer/advertising agency hardly ever gets to know the corporate brand in question, even if only by means of an interview or an in-depth chat, and this leads to an approximation of the work that cannot be linked to the identity of the brand itself.

So we can say that nowadays, more than ever, it is necessary to have a graphic design studio that takes care of your corporate image down to the smallest detail, in order to really derive value both in terms of quality in the representation of your company and in terms of perhaps converting a sale or increasing your Brand Awareness

“Ideas often kindle each other, like electrical sparks.”

Friedrich Engels

Why should you entrust our advertising graphics agency with your project?

We are literally in love with our work. In fact, part of our graphic design studio started out as Freelance Graphic Designers and developed, through constant study and experience, into qualified industry professionals with a strong propensity for art and advertising graphics.

Over the years, we have developed a method that has led us to a targeted ability to understand the company’s needs and succeed in producing material of the highest creative and graphic quality.

If you are a well-established company that needs to develop a new project, whatever it may be, we will be by your side, studying your business together and what has not worked before, trying to grasp the essential points (target, structure, budget, end use, etc.) in order to have a real element able to enhance the brand.

In case you want to start from scratch, or carry out a brand restyling, we will guide you through essential steps such as:

  1. Creation and design of the company logo most relevant to brand valorisation in the target market.

  2. Complete development of the Corporate Identity, i.e. all the elements directly linked to the brand and which will be useful in making the corporate image recognizable (business cards, letterheads, signage, etc)

  3. by means of the logo and some basic information. It is only after these 2 key steps that we can move on to the design of the actual advertising graphics for promotional purposes, i.e. that whole series of elements such as flyers, leaflets, banners, posters, brochures and catalogues, posts, stories, etc. that will be useful for company and presentation to one’s own slice of the market.

  4. Creation of reference content material such as photographic elements and/or video productions (read more on this topic).

  5. Creation of a corporate website (read more on this topic) or online shop through the development of a reference e-commerce (read more on this topic), in which you can find all the relevant corporate information and which will serve as a showcase of your company’s world.

  6. Opening of previously identified social media channels with implementation of the company’s editorial plan and development of online and offline marketing strategies decided upon with our team (read more on this topic).

In conclusion, we can clearly state that the process starts with the design conception and then moves on to the graphic elaboration until the final realisation of the elaboration, then focusing on the graphical choice of the chosen layout, formats and supports in order to provide each graphic elaboration with the maximum communicative force to convey the values of the brand and the company they refer to.

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