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We like to describe the corporate logo design with this phrase:

“Everyone can create a logo, but not many can create the right one.”

Every business has its own needs and its own customers, but each one has an element that unites them and puts them on the same starting point, whether they are freelancers, professional studios, small and medium-sized businesses or big companies: communicating their BRAND. The need to communicate correctly with its customers and end users is fundamental for all businesses and must be done in the right way, so as to be able to convey a message that is as truthful and professional as possible. We often hear about confusing definitions of terms such as LOGO, LOGOTYPE, BRAND, CORPORATE LOGO DESIGN without really knowing what we are talking about and therefore failing to understand what they really are and above all why they are so important.

“Simplicity is about eliminating the obvious and adding what makes sense”.

Let’s start with the basics: “LOGO is the contraction of the word Logotype, from Greek λόγος (logos) meaning ‘word’ and τύπος (typos) meaning ‘letter’, and it is the symbolic element that visually distinguishes a particular company, product, group or organization from its market competitor” (source Wikipedia)

The logo is generally composed of two main elements: the LOGOTYPE, i.e. the lettering part, and the PICTOGRAM, i.e. a “graphic symbol” representing the logo itself.

So when we talk about corporate logo design, we are talking about the development and creation of a logo project that is designed and created specifically for a particular business that wants to convey that type of message to particular customers.

For the correct execution of this project, it is necessary to follow some basic rules of which one must be competent, in order to be able to realise a product that is valid and successful for communication purposes.

Only at the end of this process we can talk about BRAND, i.e. the ‘whole’ that makes up corporate communication and in which the logo represents only the visible part.

In order to get a good idea of what the Brand is, we want to use a correct example that has been created by our collegue Lorenzo Miglietta from grafigata.com: he tells us that the Brand can be idealized as an ICEBERG whose extremity (so the smallest visible part), is represented by the Logo.

The Icebergs are only partially visible from the surface, while the largest part is below sea level, as well as for the Brand, in correlation with the Logo.

Indeed, the Brand is the whole iceberg while the logo is its extremity, so it is often the first thing people see of that Brand. For this reason, it must be able to identify everything that is hidden underwater, which means every aspect of the Brand.

What does it mean to design a logo?

What Cr3ative does is not creating a "nice" logo, that can be adapted to any other professional situation in another sector. What we actually do is creating the basis for the Design of a professional corporate logo.

1 - Company Briefing Phase

Drafting of a document in which the company tries to explain its commercial needs.

2 - Company benchmarking

Analysis of marketing conduct and the main characteristics of the company's competitors.

3 - Starting graphic sketch

These are the first tests, based on the briefing, which will then lead to the desired final solution.

4 - Logo + Brand manual

Presentation of the logo to the client by means of a user manual, which explains the work to the client.

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